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Did You Receive a CP-2000 Letter from the IRS? | Print |  E-mail

Imagine that you are a teen with a curfew.  You come home on time, go to the basement and watch tv.  Your folks look for you in your bedroom and you are not there.  You are now going to be in trouble for coming home late.

But you weren't late, you just weren't where your folks thought you should be.  A simple explanation that you were downstairs watching tv will clear up the misunderstanding.

The same method is often all that is required with a CP-2000.  There are other issues that will be brought to your attention on a CP-2000, but often is is something as simple as this analogy.  Wrong place, right time.

A CP-2000 is just letting you know that information the IRS has doesn't match what is on your return.  It could be, and often is, a matter of them looking for the number on one line....but you put it on a different line.  Don't fear the CP-2000.  It requires an explanation so the IRS will understand.  That's all.

*IMPORTANT! If you receive any letters from the IRS you should contact us right away at (262) 235-4250. We will need to see the ORIGINAL notice that you receive. Notices may be mailed, faxed, emailed, or dropped off at our office. We will review the letter to see what action needs to be taken to correct the issue, and get back to you.


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