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Laurie Ziegler at Sass Accounting has been a God send to me.  I am extremely happy with her services and only wish that I had gone to her a long time ago!! 


Comments from QuickBooks class held in early October 2014:

~Very good, knowledgeable, encouraging

~Learned a lot in a short time

~Thanks for the helpful hints

~Good “working knowledge

~Can take things way beyond the manual

~Great!  Very informational

~Didn’t make you feel stupid when you asked questions

~Very accessible

~Relevant and informative

~Thank you again for all your help, great class


Laurie and Sass Accounting have always been a valuable resource for all of my accounting and taxation needs.  As a person who has worn a few different hats in the business world, including franchising, payroll processing and legal work for clients, Laurie and Sass Accounting have always been very responsive and timely in answering questions, solving problems and crisis, and developing systems to prevent the former from repeating in the future. When this valuable assistance is coupled with a reasonable pricing structure for all realms of accounting services, it makes absolute sense to me to have this company handling all of my personal and professional accounting needs. - Paul L.

Awesome!!!  Time & money well spent!  - From Quickbooks Class

Its great to have an instructor who knows her topic - theory and practical.  - From Quickbooks Class


I have utilized Sass Accounting's services for many years, and I wouldn't have anyone else do my taxes-both personal and business!  I can always rely on them to do an excellent job, and I like their availability throughout the year if I have a tax question.  You can't go wrong by using Sass Accounting!  - Craig


I am a big believer in time is money and that is why we have used Sass Accounting for the last 3 years for our business.  When Laurie comes to our office, I ask a question about a transaction or transactions and in a few minutes, Laurie has my entries corrected or entered saving me hours of frustration and costs.  Our state and federal forms/taxes are filed without me having to keep track of what is due and when.  I simply get a packet of everything that was filed for us.  her in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks and in our case, on a Mac, makes using Quickbooks all that much easier.  If all of my vendors supplied us with this level of service, I would be a happy customer.  Thanks to Laurie and her staff for being a great support and time-saver allowing us to be successful at what we know how to do.  - Glenn

For more than 10 years, I have felt comfortable placing my confidence in Laurie for my family's tax work as well as for non-profit organizations I have served.  Laurie is efficient and friendly.  Our annual year-end tax planning meeting helps me maximize potential tax savings and make the correct quarterly payments.  I trust her sound advice.  - Kit


I want to thank you for all your help so far.  You have been right on the money with every fact you have given me so far.  I have been doing some in depth research on things you have told me that the lawyers office told me different, and you have been right on every point.  Once again, thanks for all of your help.   - Perry


Laurie, Thank You for all your help with QuickBooks!  You are a wonderful and thorough teacher!  - Laura

Thank you so much for all of your help!  I appreciate your financial wisdom always!   - Angie


Thanks again for everything Laurie!  You are just wonderful!   - Rachel


We appreciate you so much!  Thank you for your expertise, patience, and caring attitude.  You have been such a help and hero with our bookkeeping through the years.  -  Jane & Janet


Very informative and knowledgeable.  Laurie was exceptional.   – From QuickBooks class


The class was great with a lot of Q & A.  She tried to make sure we all understood the program.  I feel fortunate to have such an excellent 1st experience, because of Laurie.   – From QuickBooks class


Laurie gave lots of good tips and hints to working in QuickBooks.  She was very helpful and good at explaining the content.   – From QuickBooks class


I enjoyed the class so much I wish it had lasted for a full week!   ­– From QuickBooks class


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