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Record Retention Requirements
General information regarding what types of documents you should keep, how long you should keep them and where they should be stored.
Donated Item Values
The general value of items donated to places such as Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul. Keep track of your donated items by printing and filling out this form.
Selected Maximum Limits
Deductions in Depth
There are some tax deductions that are frequently overlooked. This document takes a look at a few of those deductions.
Americas Worst Charities
Charities often pay solicitors to do their fundraising instead of raising the money on their own. In many cases, the money you think you are donating to support their cause is actually being turned over to the solicitors. This list shows the 50 worst charities when it comes to money used for their actual cause versus being paid to their solicitor.

The New EA Directory

Make sure your friends and relatives can find a qualified tax profession! The new and improved EA directory is now available: